Congratulations to the winners!

Mad Science Merit Award:
One Invitation to a Mad Science "Crazy Chemistry" Party


Louis B, Gwyneth M, Jonathan R, Walter G, Olivia G, Ben S, Shira S


Emil Fisher Award for Sweet Experimentation:
One Invitation to Young Chef's Academy Party: The Science of Cooking


Claire L, Zoe K, Caleb K, Benny N, Manny L, Michael L, John, Hayden K, Trevor W


Book Exchange Honor Award: $20 Gift Certificate to Book Exchange in Norfolk


Manny L, Michael L, Zoe P, Walter G, Jonathan R, Phillip P, Zoe K, Michael Z, John


Nebel Prize for Deep Thinking:
A Copy of Building a Foundation for Scientific Understanding by Dr. Bernard J. Nebel


Louis B, Trevor W, Hayden K, Claire L


eScience Labs: Top Scoring Projects Overall
Trophies and Hands-on Science Kits from


Grade 7 and Up: Vienna H
Grade 5-6: Rhiannon H
Grade 3-4: Claire Z


Isaac Newton Hard-Hitting Research Award:
Karate Gi, T-Shirt, and One Month of Training at Norfolk Karate Academy


Shannon A


Marie Curie Award for Elegant Hypothesis:
Ballet Shoes and a One Week Guest Pass to Summer Princess Camp
at the Art of Dance Academy


Olivia G


Folkmanis Awards for Young Scientists


Fawn Prize for Fearless Research: Beth S
Owl Award for Nocturnal Studies: Phillip P
Red Fox Honor for Colorful Work: Jillian M
Louis Pasteur Prize for Kindness to Sheep: Zoe P
Aha! Award for Surprising Results: Ben S and Shira S
Ostrich Award for Alert Observations: Zoe K and Caleb K
Little Pink Noses Award: Sadie N
Grey Squirrel Prize for Tireless Data Collection: Olivia G


Maritime Museum Merit Awards


Six Tickets to Mariner's Museum Family Day: Rhiannon and Vienna H
One Year Mariner's Museum Family Membership: Manny L
One Year Nauticus Museum Family Membership: Gwyneth M